Developing Strategies & Providing Solutions

At Protection Resource Group we offer an array of security and protection services. No matter what your goals are, our specialists will recognize your objectives, analyze the needs, and supply you with creative and original solutions. In order to provide the best possible service, PRG relies on the highest quality of human and technology resources and makes certain to implement client feedback.

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Executive and Personal Protection

Prominent individuals such as government officials, corporate executives, and celebrities are vulnerable to potential security risks. PRG has the knowledge and years of experience to focus on alleviating all of your security concerns while maintaining the utmost level of discretion.

Using the top security personnel, our agents have the needed experience, training, and certifications guarantying the highest standard of executive and personal protection.

Our executive protection program provides a multi-level security team and includes all necessary logistics and support.

PRG’s agents are effective, reliable, and well prepared to provide rapid-response protection at any local, national or international setting as well as in a wide array of situations and conditions that could potentially be host to an emergency situation.

Protection Resource Group will meet any executive protection security need.

Estate Security

On a daily basis, private estates, businesses, and commercial facilities are exposed to a wide range of threats, ranging from home invasions to natural disasters. Relying on its extensive experience, professional personnel, and advanced technology, PRG understands all these risks and employs the best resources to manage, reduce and eliminate threats against your family, employees, valuables, property and information.

PRG collaborates with law enforcement agencies to continually produce risk assessments, participate in advanced training, and develop the latest emergency procedures in order to maximize readiness and minimize potential risks. PRG is aware that each organization and its systems are unique and require specific personalized attention. Therefore, PRG is fully ready to provide both custom and standard solutions to fit your individual goals.

Event Security

PRG is considered one of the most reliable companies to manage social and political events. In recent years, PRG provided security services and support to exclusive events such as red carpet, fund-raising, conventions, annual events and private parties.

Planning a successful event involves complex coordination and preparation. To ensure a well-organized, smooth-running event, security must be given top priority.

Protection Resource Group’s experts identify and manage the countless security issues related to the event, such as: event perimeter, access and traffic control, crowd control, security clearance for staff and guests, and VIP security. Our close relationship with law enforcement agencies allows us to coordinate the event’s security from its inception through its conclusion.

PRG works closely with the client and the event management staff to develop, plan, and address all security challenges to reduce any existing and potential risks to make certain you keep your guests in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our experienced guards have worked with a wide array of high-profile clients; Protection Resource Group has the requisite experience to guarantee a first-rate, successful event.

Residential & Commercial security

Luxury Apartments, Residential complexes or Commercial facilities – each requires a specific and unique security plan.

PRG works closely with the management to provide comprehensive services such as: Day/Night security presence, courtesy patrol and parking lot traffic control. Our agents are qualified to give high-standard VIP services and are trained to manage dispatch desk and entry logs using the most up-to-date technology.

We offer multi-level solutions to help you be prepared for any security risk.


Protection Resource Group has the experience and the experts who will consider all aspects of your security needs and will help you choose the appropriate technology and tools to provide the best solutions for the highest protection and safety.

Protection Resource Group surveys your property or business and helps you decide what best suits your needs. We constantly update, train, and educate ourselves with the most current and cutting-edge technologies.

CCTV and surveillance system Installation and Monitoring

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is one of the most valuable and widely-used tools to secure your business or residence. PRG employs the top professionals in the fields who understand and deliver the latest CCTV technology.

PRG makes use of cutting-edge CCTV technology to bring about the most effective results possible. Our experts will identify your needs, design and plan the camera’s location and operational control center, ensure the implementation is done correctly, and provide the desired results.

Computer Network Security

In today’s environment, your information is one of the most vulnerable resources and is continuously exposed to a variety of risks. PRG works with the top computer network professionals and employs the latest technology to ensure your information will be secure. Whether in a business or private residence, Protection Resource Group is able to install, upgrade, secure, and maintain your computer networks.

The Log System (TLS)

PRG has developed an advanced and unique tool: The Log System.
TLS is a proprietary, secure, electronic entry, management solution and serves as the foundation for any residential or commercial security plan. It's a critical tool for keeping and maintaining written and visual records.

TLS tracks the movement of people, vehicles, and property and records it all. The system then provides an easy way to access and analyze all recorded data. The information can be stored, maintained, and accessed either on-location or remotely with access available through secure internal or external networks.

TLS is a dynamic system, able to provide custom solutions for your specific requirements and goals. Since its development, TLS has proven to be one of the most effective technologies available today and has provided invaluable information to its clients.

TLS is made solely available by PRG. Our customers continue to provide excellent feedback about its tremendous value.

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